Real Estate Agent - Broker Registration and Agreement

Thank you for your interest in our Hebrew Speaking Real Estate Association. We want to encourage your participation and hope that you will refer other real estate agents and brokers to our website.

When you decide to participate, you pay no membership fee or continuing monthly fees. Upon the closing of a transaction resulting from a referral, by your participation, you agree to pay us 25% of any fee paid to your office.

Each participating agent is expected to keep us informed by email on the progress of each referral and we may independently check as well.

Please provide us with the following:

First Name:

Last Name:

Your Email:

Broker Website:

Personal Website:

Cell phone:

Other phone:

Name of Brokerage Company:


Languages Spoken:

Your Real Estate License Number:

Date You Became Licensed:

Full-time Agent     Part-time Agent

Areas of Expertise:
Residential     Apartments     Retail     Office     Industrial
Motels     Land     Business Opportunities

Please provide us the names of no more than 10 communities where you conduct your business. None should be more than 20 miles from your office.

CommunityZip Code(s)

I agree to the following:

  • To contact all people referred within 24 hours,
  • To keep us informed of the progress of each referral,
  • To hold us and our agents harmless from any claims made by people who have been referred to you and to identify us against such claims,
  • To update this Registration Form in order to keep it current,
  • To never disclose personal information about a client to any third person without the client's written consent,
  • To never accept a referral unless you have the knowledge and experience to handle it completely,
  • That in the event of a dispute, California law shall apply, Los Angeles County shall be the venue of any court action, and the prevailing party shall be entitled to reimbursement of any costs incurred and reasonable attorney fees.

Agreed as of:

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